Consider crawlspace encapsulation in Huntsville, AL and Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee

Protect Your Crawlspace From Moisture

Since crawl spaces are already dark, they become the ideal environment for mold when they're also wet. Fortunately, keeping your crawlspace dry is as simple as hiring Pinnacle Foundation Systems for crawlspace encapsulation services.

Our contractor will create a barrier around your crawl space, sealing any potential holes to keep moisture out. Then, we'll upgrade your crawlspace with an air filter that will clean and dehumidify the air, preventing mold from growing and damaging your home.

Learn more about crawlspace waterproofing in Huntsville, AL when you contact us today.

The benefits of encapsulation

There are several reasons to choose crawlspace encapsulation for your home. You'll appreciate that...

  • Having cleaner air in your crawlspace will give you cleaner air in your home
  • Encapsulation can help regulate your home's temperature, reducing your utility bills
  • A sealed, waterproof crawlspace can be used for extra reliable storage

Encapsulation also comes with a transferable life-time warranty, so you can count on results. Schedule crawlspace waterproofing by calling us at 256-990-9151.

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